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100% Botanical Oils of Almond, Peppermint, Spearmint. 100% all Natural Product

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Advanced GumRX is used when bleeding gums, gum inflammation, swollen irritated gums, and gingivitis may be present. Advanced GumRX is a toothpaste replacement, just two drops on your toothbrush instead of toothpaste will aid in helping mild oral problems. When you use this product you may notice that your mouth may produce more saliva. This is a good thing. Saliva helps to keep your mouth healthy, your gums strong, and your breath fresh. NOTE: If your dentist has said you have pockets you should try using the Maximum GumRX. Keep product away from eyes.

52 reviews for Advanced GumRX

  1. JR Brown

    Best way of killing bacterial. My gums are healthy and not bleeding anymore.

  2. V Mercado

    I tried other brands but nothing compare to GumRx. This stuff is absolutely Amazing!

  3. Ken Johnson

    I have fallen in love. I have fallen in love with GumRX. I brush my teeth all the time! My teeth are the healthiest they have ever been. YAY!!! 10 points for GumRX…..0 for colgate!

  4. Carmen S

    My Hygienist commented on how much healthier my gums are and how much less tartar I had with my last check up since using this product. I can feel the difference and will continue to use it.

  5. Fiorelly

    All my life I have dealt with gums problems, they get red and swollen. I highly recommend this product if you want to have healthier gums.

  6. Maggie

    So after reading some article about the synthetic agents in toothpaste I wanted to try out a “real” one. I wanted a natural products that could help me with my Periodontitis. I really enjoy this toothpaste, took some time to adjust to not having a mouth full of foam. I actually see a difference in the cleanliness and my gums look and feel super healthy.

  7. Rod Manchester

    I give Advanced GumRX a 10 out 10. I was struggling with gingivitis for a couples of years until I found this product. 2 Thumbs up!

  8. S Simpson

    Cleans, Heals, Protects. All natural, no mystery ingredients.

  9. April Rainheart

    An effective product to cure Periodontal Problems.

  10. Peter F – Manchester UK

    I am highly allergic to anything and everything. Last year my dentist told me I was allergic to an ingredient in my toothpaste and he recommended Gumrx since I started using it. The swollen in my gums went away causing the pain to go away. I used to dread going to the dentist as it was very painful but not anymore. Thank you!

  11. K Toman – Indianapolis IN

    I am very sick and take medications that leave me with a metal taste in my mouth and a sulfuric smell on my breath. Nothing was working until I started using Gumrx. You have a customer for life

  12. Harry B – Bristol UK

    Years ago I had scaling done and I hate it. I was in pain for over a week. I refuse to go thru this again. I saw an ad for GumRx and it pick my curiosity. I love the flavor. It really cleans without the harsh chemicals. My gums are healthy and my hygienists told me she saw a great improvement in my gums health.

  13. Jen F – Billings MT

    Great Product! It works as advertised. I have gingivitis and I am very happy with the results.

  14. Harry Z – Phoenix AZ

    My dentist agrees Advanced GumRx is the best natural toothpaste for Gingivitis.

  15. B O’Malley – Cork Ireland

    Once you use GumRX is hard to go back to anything else. It taste great and it keeps your mouth feeling clean and refresh!

  16. R Wagner – Nottingham UK

    End gingivitis like I did with GumRX in deed.

  17. A Higgins – Liverpool UK

    Advanced GumRx is a complete oral hygiene regimen that actually works on gingivitis. I saw a big difference within a couple of uses and within a week my gums where not swollen and I had no bleeding when brushing.

  18. K Flint – Essex UK

    Before an hour after brushing I felt dirty and with bad breath. I love Advanced GumRX because the clean fresh feeling last for hours after brushing. Thumbs up the best tooth paste ever.

  19. Brie A – Birmingham AL

    I gave gingivitis and it is bothering me as sometimes my gums start bleeding. It was very embarrassing. I started using Maximum GumRX and after 6 months I change to Advanced GumRX. My oral heath today is A+ without the expense and Pain of the Dentist

  20. Walter U – Exeter UK

    I had a problem since my 20s that my gums bleed. It got worth when I turn 30. I needed something that worked. GumRX is for me. This product simply WORKS!!

  21. K Alaugh – Pierre SD

    I brushed and floss regularly but that did not stop me from getting swollen and bleeding gums. I was scared of going to the dentist because it was going to hurt my wallet as well and more important my mouth. I started using Advanced GumRx nine months ago and today I have to say it works.

  22. W Overcamp – Seattle WA

    I brushed 3 times a day and floss but I still got gingivitis. It seems that no matter what I tried it was not going away. It was frustrating and painful until I stated using Advanced GumRX. This product change my life.

  23. V VanHaus – Nottingham UK

    One bottle last me three months. I like the product, I use it with an electric toothbrush and it feels like my gums are being massaged. Love Love Love

  24. P Rynert – Sandhurst UK

    I love this toothpaste because it does not contain Triclosan like most commercial toothpastes. Love that is 100% natural with organic ingredients. It really cleans and keeps my gums healthy.

  25. Tony Westfal – Dover DE

    I have this obsession about brushing my teeth and clean breath. I tried GumRX 2 yrs ago and it made me a believer and a loyal customer for life. Please do the same product for dogs.

  26. Teresa H – Miami FL

    My husband jokes with me as I call this toothpaste the Terminator of gum bacteria, oral germs, plaque and tartar. My super hero !!

  27. Laura O – Norfolk UK

    Advanced GumRX is a very effective toothpaste against gum problems. I been suffering for years and I give this product my highest rating.

  28. Lucy D – Worcester UK

    Brilliant product. Absolutely brilliant!

  29. James H – Armagh UK

    Advanced GumRX changed my life one brushed at a time. Corny but so true.

  30. M Johanson – Kirkby UK

    Advanced GumRx is so much better that regular toothpastes. It protects and kill bacteria that causes gum diseases. Will definitely buy again

  31. Adriana V – Jackson TN

    This tooth pasted feels very smooth and super cleans. My favorite.

  32. J Campanella – Trenton NJ

    Advanced that is the way my gums feels and look after using this product for 3 months

  33. Lancaster E – London UK

    I just came back home to London and I was please to find out that they ship for free.

  34. Hanna E – Cookeville TN

    Advanced GumRx save my life literally. My gums were bleeding and swollen but this product it working miracles. I have more time to go but I already stop bleeding and my gums are starting to get pink and normal and it only took two months. Love it !!

  35. Harry D – Cambridge UK

    My mouth is fresh, clean and it feels amazing

  36. Emma J – Sheffield UK

    I been looking to have an alternative to gum surgery and I found it. This product works PERIOD!

  37. Emma N – Ipswich UK

    Finally I can eat what I want without pain. My gums are back to a normal size thanks to GumRX

  38. Teddi D – Dumfries UK

    #gumrxworks #byegingivitis

  39. Jamila F – San Juan PR

    I was screaming in pain until I was introduced to Gumrx. No more pain and on my road to a healthy mouth

  40. Kensley B – La Junta CO

    No questions about best line in the market with no chemicals. Just all natural ingredients that just work.

  41. Jackson P – Sterling Scottland

    Six months ago I was in a restaurant and i felt a weird taste in my mouth. When i clean it with my napkin it was blood. My gums where bleeding from eating a crostini. It was embarrassing. i love advanced Gumrx it made my bleeding stop.

  42. Molly J – Woodstock GA

    There is no other product in the market that can compare to this product. It works perfect specially after eating lots of sweets.

  43. Gus G – Naperville IL

    Advanced Gumrx is the best toothpaste that I have used so far. You can feel your mouth mega clean.

  44. Jade N – Olathe KS

    When I check this toothpaste I told my self what is the worst thing it can happen. My response was I get my money back. So, I ordered and what a wake up. for the first time I felt my teeth clean like I just got out of the dentist.

  45. Rucko M – Monikie UK

    Advanced GumRX gave a new opportunity to my mouth.

  46. Tarik M – Inverness UK

    Advanced GumRX gave my life a new beginning, I can eat without thinking that it is going to hurt or my gums are going to bleed.

  47. Alveiro D – Natchez MI

    I tried this product at my cousins since I left my toothpaste when I went to visit her on vacation. To my surprise I can’t live without this product is Amazing!

  48. Lyndsay B – York UK

    this product works very well 4 my oral care needs

  49. Freddie J – Scampston UK

    My gums are growing I love it Advanced Gumrx

  50. Veronica K – Cordele GA

    After three years I am still loving this toothpaste

  51. Ayden T – Kenosha WI

    It is so cool to brush with such a great product. A liquid toothpaste who knew!

  52. Terrence L – Manchester UK

    moist and refreshing clean and sanitized

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