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100% Botanical Oils of Almond, Peppermint, Spearmint. 100% all Natural Product

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Breath Refresher GumRX is used when bad breath is present. We also recommend the breath refresher spray be used with the maximum to aid in the process. Breath Refresher is a spray that you can use whenever your mouth feels dry, or you are concerned about bad breath. Use 1 to 2 sprays coat inside of mouth then either expel or swallow. NOTE: If you have dry mouth or Halitosis you may be interested in trying the Original GumRX as a toothpaste replacement. Keep product away from eyes.

56 reviews for Breath Refresher GumRX

  1. K GLASS


  2. E Hanson

    Love having this product handy! I love that it has no sugar since I am a diabetic.

  3. Sheryle W

    I keep it in my purse and it totally does the job of refreshing my mouth when it feels a bit off during the day. Highly Recommended!

  4. TH Macon

    I work in sales. Talking face-to-face with a customer is a must. However, over the past few months, I’ve lost my confidence because I’ve been overly conscious of breath odor. I’ve tried everything! But they only seem to mask the problem. It was like putting on cologne when you really needed a bath. My mouth never felt clean and my breath was fresh for only a few minutes. I always had a foul taste in the back of my throat. My breath odor was even interfering with me feeling comfortable being intimate and playful with my wife and children. One night after returning from a religious meeting, I was so desperate and frustrated that I sat up until almost 3AM surfing the web. I just happen to stumble upon your web site. Everything I read about your products and the testimonials had a ring of truth. I felt I had nothing to lose by trying them. I even remembered my dentist telling me my gums showed evidence of periodontal disease. So I immediately ordered one bottle of Maximum and one bottle of Breath Refresher. I was surprised when my order arrived 3 days later. I read your information about tooth pastes and the directions for using your products. The first time I brushed, my sinuses were opened and my eyes watered. But for the first time in months, my mouth and teeth really felt clean and fresh. Immediately, I knew your product was the answer to my prayers. My breath and mouth was still fresh 3 hours later. I was so proud and confident of my new found clean breath, that as soon as my wife and children came home, I put it to the ultimate test. I met them at the door by blowing my breath in their face. They commented on how fresh it smelled. I had only used your product twice that day. They were so impressed they wanted to try them. My wife also has some early stage periodontal problems. So we decided to throw away all those other tooth pastes and mouthwash products and become a “Trusted Natural Care” family. This morning, I just ordered two more bottles of Maximum and two more bottles of Breath Refresher. I’ll be forever grateful to the person or persons who developed your products and company. I’m a believer and customer for life!!!

  5. Nana from Memphis

    I love my grandson but children can be very cruel and honest. He loves to grab my face when he talks to me and kisses me but a year ago he started calling me “stinky nana” I felt so hurt and self aware when I talked. My dentist recommended me to use Breath Refresher Spray GumRX. It has been 6 months since I started using this product. All I have to say is that I am no longer stinky nana and I am so happy as my grandson wants to be around me all the time.

  6. Brandon T

    Excellent product with all natural ingredients, yet very effective to freshen breath.

  7. George B

    I have suffered from Halitosis for years. I tried different products but GumRX Breath Refresher Spray is the best. I use it thru the day and I noticed that it works like MAGIC. It not only help my Halitosis but my confidence too. Thank you GumRX!

  8. Ellen T, Exxes UK

    I drink lots of coffee at my job and I am always self-conscious about having coffee breath. I got gumRX from a friend as a gift this was a year ago and still as effective today. I spray it thru the day and I am confident that I do not have coffee breath. Great Product!

  9. T Wagner, Birmingham AL

    To everyone suffering from Halitosis this product is Amazing! From everyone that I been in contact in the past I am sorry but talk to me know. NO BAD BREATH PERIOD!!! A++++ you will not be sorry. This was the beginning of a new successful chapter in my life. Thank you GumRX

  10. Pierre P – Montreal CA

    Hey come smell my breath. Love this product !!

  11. Flirty Momma – Mobile AL

    Hey come kiss me! Love Gumrx breath refresher spray. Try it and you will want people to kiss you too

  12. M Barnett – Eugene OR

    Great taste! Few spray goes a long way by keeping your mouth moist and refresh!

  13. M Lipner – Lansing MI

    I like onions, yes sue me but my girlfriend hates my breath afterwards. I use this product between meals and specially after I eat onions. She is so happy that she also purchase it and carries it in her purse in case I forget.

  14. Frances Miller -Galway Ireland

    I do not like chewing gum but found my self chewing gum all the time until I found GumRx Breath Refresher Spray. NO MORE GUM FOR ME! Love this product.

  15. Morgan P – Erie Pa

    Highly recommended. Works super fast. All natural. Great Product!

  16. P Kaplan – Drogheda Ireland

    Truly impress! All Natural products. Good Quality. Few Sprays go a long way. Try it today. I did and love it.

  17. Finn McCool – Waterford IE

    I teach a CPR class and I am very aware of my breath as sometimes I need to get close to my students to teach them techniques like the mouth to mouth on the dummy. I used to joke “this dummy has bad breath” but it was really me. I used other products but they only mask the halitosis. I was so happy to find Breath Refresher Spray GumRX. A Really good product. PERIOD!

  18. Tammy P – Edingburg UK

    I love Mexican food but went I eat it for lunch my breath can tell everyone what I had for lunch. It was very embarrassing. One of the girls at work pull out of her purse this blue bottle and I Spray twice and wow oh wow! It works instantly. Do not mask the odor it just eliminates it! A super fan of this product

  19. Tory S – Highlands

    Bad breath and Halitosis can be horrible but Breath Refresher Gumrx helps. Quality ingredients. All Natural. No chemicals or funky names you can not pronounce. Last a long time. Love this product!!

  20. M Guardian- Cambridge UK

    I hope you try it. Love the taste. It neutralizes bad breath.

  21. Mrs Carson – York UK

    My teenage was obsessed about having bad breath. He used so many breath refreshers that he was getting sick. His stomach was upset all the time until I found Breath Refresher Spray GumrX. He loves it and only uses one spray mid-morning and another mid-afternoon and it last all day.

  22. E Ford – San Antonio TX

    No alcohol, No sugar but it works. I have sinus problems that causes bad breath. GumRX Breath Refresher is the best.

  23. Josh Regan – Lampeter UK

    It keeps my mouth moist and refresh for hours. I used it with GumRX Maximum Toothpaste and it last a long time #healthymouth

  24. E McGovern – Leeds UK

    A couple of sprays and bye bye bad breath. Highly recommended.

  25. T Sparks – Aylesbury UK

    I take medication that dries my mouth out. Breath Refresher Spray GumRX is the best it tastes good and keeps my mouth moist. 5 Stars

  26. Y Kanakal – Tucson AZ

    Take every second of the day with confidence knowing your breath is supper fresh with Breath Refresher Spray GumRX.

  27. Taylor T – Salem SC

    I do not like to chew gum this product is perfect and works on contact!

  28. Bernard J – Shropshire UK

    I love GumRX Breath Refresher Spray as it provides protection between meals killing bacterial that can cause bad breath and other problems.

  29. Marc W – Prescott AZ

    Bad Breath, Dry mouth, No problem. Gum RX Breath Spray is the best!

  30. Naomi Russell – Roseau MN

    Bad Breath is a thing of the past thanks to GumRx Breath Refresher.

  31. Ana S – York PA

    Let me tell you a secret..come closer. Breath Refresher GumRx helps me this close to you without feeling self-concious. Two thumbs up

  32. Lara F – Prineville OR

    Let me tell you IT REALLY WORKS! just spray one time and see.

  33. Tracy S – Bowie MD

    bad breath between brushing? I solved that problem with Gumrx love this product because it works.

  34. Rebeca H – Dothan AL

    I worked with the public and I love to use GumRX Breath Refresher before a meal. It makes me feel confident for the meeting and I can get close to my customers without worrying about my breath

  35. Madison Y – Norfolk NE

    Fresh Breath = Breath Refresher GumRX

  36. Tommy J – Alexandria LA

    #byebacteria #byebad breath #loveGumrxbreath

  37. John D – Whales UK

    a little pricey but love the way my mouth feels and smells

  38. Vanessa Y – Hamilton, NY

    this product is better and more effective than mouth wash

  39. Raisa P – Swindon UK

    I spray Breath Refresher GumRX before my date and it gives me the confidence that my breath is fresh all night no matter how much I eat or drink.

  40. Chin W – Leicester UK

    Date night +

  41. Florence D – Norwich UK

    kisses, kisses kisses

  42. Winona J – Greenville MS

    #kissesandhugs #happyhealthymouth #lovegumrx

  43. Sacha F – Great Bend KS

    uhh la la magnific !

  44. Andy J – Sheffield UK

    Come closer you can smell the difference

  45. Heather D – Canton NC

    fits in my purse and contains no alcohol.

  46. Jose M – Galveston TX

    When you get closer to someone your breath can trip your confidence or destroy the moment. This product gives me the security that this will never happen again.

  47. Alana M – Amarillo TX


  48. Danny S – Rockville MD

    Clear, natural and fresh

  49. Jesse A – Oban UK

    Break up from the breath refreshers full of alcohol or candy type of refreshers full of sugars

  50. Anamaria O – Columbia MO

    fast acting, no alcohol just perfect!

  51. Elaina F – Kingsport TN

    Best Breath Refresher in the market

  52. Howard D – Helmsley UK

    It is crazy how well it works

  53. Rene P – Wakefield UK

    minty, last a long time, makes me feel confident my breath is on check

  54. Cesar Q – kokomo IN

    fast action

  55. Shirley L – Morris MN

    I love to eat but I do not like the aster taste of some food. I always carry the Breath Refresher GumRX to solve this problem.

  56. Molly F – Halifax UK

    I love to go out with my friends drinking but after few hours my breath is horrible this product is amazing

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