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100% Botanical Oils of Honey. 100% all Natural Products

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1000Canker Gone GumRX is used when canker sores, mouth ulcers, fever blisters, and cold sores may be present. Use 1-2 drops as needed on sore. Keep away for eyes.

52 reviews for Canker Gone GumRX

  1. Tom Ray

    Try it for yourself. I promise you will love it!

  2. P Russell

    I get very large canker sores. This products relieves the pain and I saw results overnight

  3. O Schneider

    I got braces 2 months ago and keep having irritation and canker soars. This product is …Awesome!!!

  4. Alexa T

    I’m a customer and can tell you this stuff works. I get a lot of cankers and it has worked every time.

  5. Eileen Toledo

    There is nothing else like this product. Most of the time the sore will be gone overnight. You should try this product if you ever dealt with canker sores. This product is quick, easy and reliable.

  6. Frank F

    Great product. Relieved pain was able to eat and drink without difficulty.

  7. Samantha – York UK

    WoW!! I can not believe I had this blister on my lip for 4 days. Thanks to Canker Bee Gone before each meal and before going to bed. It heal the blister

  8. Christian M, Jackson MS

    I get frequently fever blisters and purchased all sort of products but nothing worked until I found GUMRX Canker Bee Gone. It is a safe product and the company has excellent customer service.

  9. Joe B, New Orleans LA

    This product was sent from heaven. I will never be without this product. I need to thank my brother that uses Maximum GumRx and suggested for me to use this product.

  10. Danny F – Bronx NY

    I was getting canker sores out of the blue in my 40’s my dentist told me that toothpaste that contain SLS can cause the canker sores. I started using original gumrx and canker be gone and I am sold with the results.

  11. Amanda Adams – Belfast UK


  12. Jonathan – Seattle WA

    I tried everything from powders to patches to prescriptions to everything. Few drops of this miraculous product and you will be sold. It just work simple as that.

  13. Mal M – Reno NV

    Good Stuff. Starts working on contact!

  14. N Shign – Chicago IL

    This product is great eliminating the pain and the discomfort cause by canker sores.

  15. Donald W – Chester, UK

    I get canker sores during Finals. I get really stress out and this canker sores makes me go out of my mind in pain. This cause me to lose needed concentration as I am a med student. I started using Canker Be Gone 6 month ago. To my surprise it works on contact. What can I say a lovely product.

  16. Pat Flanigan – London UK

    The best part about this product is that does not leave the white residue. The pain goes away almost on contact.

  17. Jayda M – Northern Ireland

    I love to eat spicy food but if I eat jalapenos it give me canker sores and my lips were a mess for a week but I found Canker Bee Gone from Gumrx is the best. It not only cures but I noticed that I can apply it before eating and it prevents me from having them. #lovecankerbeegone #jalapenos

  18. Anomi F – Honolulu HI

    No more white powder stuff while my canker heals. This product is amazing. Thank you GUMRX.

  19. Prof Johanson – Lincoln UK

    A small drop starts curing my canker sore in seconds. No pain and dries quickly. I keep this product always handy.

  20. G Forest – Salt Lake City UT

    I got braces as an adult and I get canker sores very frequently. Canker Bee Gone by GumRX is a miracle treatment! It helps on contact and I love that it has no chemicals.

  21. T White – Boston MA

    Stop burning, pain and itching on contact. Great product. All natural. Happy mouth, happy me.

  22. P Nye – Coventry UK

    Highly Recommended

  23. Ryan Bryer – Ely UK

    I normally do not write reviews but it was Wednesday and I had a date Saturday night when a cold sore started to pop. I panic and ask a mate that gave me Canker Bee Gone GumRX. WOW did it work on contact literally on contact My date was a success and this product is a success.

  24. T Ortega – Dallas TX

    My canker sores normally last about 7 to 10 days. This product works on contact. It started to dry right away. Best stuff ever. Thank you Canker Bee Gone.

  25. William G – Liverpool UK

    Awesome!!!! #smashingproduct

  26. Pamela F – Sun Prairie WI

    Love that does not have chemicals and that it works so good. Highly Recommended.

  27. Adeline G – Arlington VA

    Canker Sore are things from the past thanks to GumRX Canker Bee Gone

  28. Pedro M – Nampa ID

    Bye Bye sores ! I always have it handy

  29. Tamika B – Fredericksburg VA

    It works Period!

  30. Tinslay P – Oakdale LA

    gumrx canker sore is a great product I use it all the time.

  31. Hunter S – Mobridge SD

    If you want canker sore gone try Canker Be Gone today. I love it!

  32. Lala M – Pineville LA

    Cold Sores are gone on contact thanks to Canker be Gone

  33. Justin F – Augusta GA

    canker be gone = no cold sores

  34. Abby W – Vineland NJ

    Sores due to fever are totally cure with this product

  35. Paula J – Exeter UK

    #nomorecanker #cankergone #gumrx

  36. Marilyn B – Doncaster UK


  37. Ronald FG – Preston UK

    say bye bye to canker

  38. Gigi S – Benoit MS

    blisters in my lips is not sexy. Gumrx makes me feel sexy as it is like kryptonite for canker.

  39. David G – Baton Rouge LA

    fast shipping and fast healing

  40. Sam D – Newark NJ

    Fast Action

  41. Erin B – Jonesboro AR

    Who knew honey was so healing

  42. Karina N – Socorro NM

    fast shipping and this product really works.

  43. Megan T – Thedford NB

    it is not be Gone it is.. ” What? is gone already?.”

  44. Dylon F – Trenton NJ

    natural way to healing

  45. Tina D – Valdosa GA

    Mark my words, great product!

  46. Francisca H – Hampton IA

    smooth, clean and acts quickly

  47. Raphael T – York PA

    I like it a lot

  48. Dario F – Brigg UK

    painless/peaceful/recovery of canker sores

  49. Luz P – Paw Paw IL

    acts on contact. works like a charm

  50. Shawn V – Lamoure ND

    Reliable fast acting

  51. Tucker T – Columbia MO

    fast efficient and good taste all plus

  52. Marylou

    My brother suggested I might like this. He used to be totally
    right. This actually made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how
    much time I had spent looking for this! Thank you!

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