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100% Botanical Oils of Almond, Peppermint, Spearmint. 100% all Natural Product

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Maximum GumRX is used when gum disease, receding gums, gum, bone, periodontitis, and periodontal disease may be present. Maximum GumRX is a toothpaste replacement, just two drops on your toothbrush instead of toothpaste will help aid in advanced oral disease. When you use this product you may notice that your mouth may produce more saliva. This is a good thing. Saliva helps to keep your mouth healthy, your gums strong, and your breath fresh. NOTE: We do recommend using the Breath Refresher spray during the day. Keep product away from eyes.

58 reviews for Maximum GumRX

  1. Joshua Smith

    I recommend it. My teeth and gums look and feel healthier than ever but the best part is that I am doing it all naturally.

  2. Milliani S

    I was worried that being an all natural product it will not be very strong but i was so WRONG. From the first time I brush I felt the power. Its been a year and My mouth health is stronger than ever.

  3. Janice Reed

    After having a baby life gets very stressful to say the least. Sometimes you lose yourself in taking care of your new born that you forget to do things that you regularly do. One of those things for me was brushing my teeth. There were just not enough hours in the day. But when my daughter finally got a little older and I was able to again I found that my gums would bleed profusely. Not to gross you out or anything but i would spit out mouthfuls of blood. Well this worried me so I went to the dentist. He told me that since I had stopped taking care of my teeth that I had developed gingivitis. Although its not a life threatening ailment it is an annoying one. Well I just had to find something to make this stop. I went home and frantically read everything on gingivitis and curing it. I came upon a product called GumRX and read all the information. I could have saved myself a couple of hours would I have found this page first. Well with hope in my heart I ordered a bottle of the Maximum GumRX. And can I just say this stuff really works. At first I was a little hesitant because I don’t trust things that you buy off of the internet. But after trying it I would tell anyone and everyone with this very same problem to order a bottle of this toothpaste.

  4. Harry Porter

    I love my wife very much. She is my best friend. But how is it that you tell your best friend that their breath makes you want to gag? We have been married for twenty-five years. And for the first 20 years she never had a breath problem. But in our twentieth year of marriage we moved from Florida to Columbus, Ohio. But within the last five years she has been on heavy doses of medication for her allergies because of the change in atmosphere. So this breath problem developed out of no where! Well I told her about the “problem” and she nearly left me. When she finally calmed down I told her about this toothpaste I had found on the internet that was supposed to end bad breath and that it is as easy as brushing your teeth. Well against her better judgement she tried GumRX Maximum. And she absolutely loves it. And you know what she loves the most?… How many times a day I kiss her again! Thank you!

  5. Mr & Mrs Kendrick

    Hey guys this is Tom again. I know I have had a lot of questions, but you have been Great. I can not say enough good things about the Customer Service Department. This time I wanted to drop a line and tell you that the Maximum GumRX
    I ordered is working. I know you said it would but I wasn’t sure. I went back to the dentist just like you said 2 months after starting the product. That is the first time I have EVER gone to the dentist and gotten GOOD News! And Get this Now my wife is using the product too. Yeah, I caught her because it kept moving to the other side of the sink. Yesterday, she finally admitted she has been using it and loves the way her mouth feels, so I’m back ordering another 2 Bottles of Maximum GumRX

  6. Goldie and Rod

    I am very thrilled with these results! I will be calling you for more when I run out of this bottle of Maximum. You have found yourself a life time customer. My husband is a chimney!! He must smoke at least a pack or two of cigarettes a day. Even at night after brushing his teeth his breath kicks me out of the bed! I heard from a friend that her husband had used GumRX Breath Refresher and had amazing results. So I purchased it myself and suggested to my husband that he use it. Now when we sleep I don’t have to cover my face with a pillow. His mouth is fresh and clean. We both are grateful for finding such an amazing spray.

  7. Beverly B, Amarrillo TX

    I am a big fan of Botanical products and the use of all natural ingredients specially since there are some studies that prove fluoride to be toxic to our bodies. I love the strength of the product as it is really helping my residing gums. Love the peppermint flavor.

  8. Travis Chavez

    I can not believe Maximum GumRX is all natural and it is so effective. ♥

  9. Willis E, London UK

    I was very tired of seeing blood every time I washed my gums. My dentist told me I was getting gum disease due to an allergic reaction to my toothpaste. That is when I decided to research organic toothpastes. I started using GumRX six moths ago and I can tell you that today I do not taste or spit blood when I brush. Do yourself a favor and switch to GumRX today. You will not regret it.

  10. S Zwolinski – Buffalo NY

    This product is very strong in the fight against gingivitis and plaque. This product is great killing bacteria. I can feel it working from the first time I brushed my teeth with Maximum gumrx 3 month ago

  11. Dawn D – Biloxi MS

    My mom is 85 years old and was complaining of having loose teeth. She wanted me to order for her GumRX since she is not very good in the computer. I did and she was very happy. Last week I stayed with her and she told me to try her new toothpaste. She told me that it was lovely. WOW! To my surprise I felt my mouth super clean. It was like my gums were sanitized! I loved it ! Not only that but my breath remain fresh thru the day. I just place my order. I am sold! I have a new toothpaste MAXIMUM GUMRX!

  12. R McCarthy – Donegal, Ireland

    My dentist told me a year ago that he wanted to do a gingival graft as my gums where receding. As he explained the procedure it really scared me. I didn’t think I my gums were that bad. I started thinking of the pain, the cost and the risk of higher infection. I was freaked out. I started researching natural ways to address this issue when I ran into Maximum GumRX. After 3 months of using this toothpaste I went to the dentist. I wanted to see if there was any changes, improvements anything not to have that procedure. To my surprise my dentist asked what did I change in my oral care and I told him about GumRX. He told me he was very impressed. To keep using this toothpaste as he was seeing great improvements in my gums. Thanks to gumrx I don’t need to have surgery and my gums are on their way to healthy which it means no pain for me.

  13. Pablo C – Bellevue NE

    Very good product! My gums got infected they where swollen and puffy. My dentist wanted to surgically treat me. I am scare of intrusive surgeries. I started using maximum gumrx and I am on my way to healthy gums. I noticed it started working from the first time I brush. Its been 6 month and I know I still have more to go as my gums where really bad but I can see the difference and my dentist was very pleased when I saw him yesterday and told me to keep that oral routine that it was working beautifully.

  14. Abel T – Albany NY

    I love the taste of Maximum GumRx and you can feel how it sanitizes your mouth. Great product !

  15. Aaron B – Cambridge UK

    My teeth felt like they were getting longer and my dentist told me my gums where receding and that I had Periodontal disease. If you see I said “I HAD” today due to the use of Maximum GumRX I am in control of my Oral Care and my Gums are health and I have a beautiful smile. Thank you.

  16. Gina F – Derby UK

    This product kills bacteria without chemicals or side effects. It is all natural and it works. No question! I love it!

  17. JP D – Carlisle UK

    I no longer dread going to the dentist. Two years ago I started using GumRx after a friend recommended this product. I started with Maximum GumRX and today I am in prevention with the Original GumRX. My dentist is happy with me and I am not in pain, bleeding with swollen gums.

  18. A Smith-Leeds UK

    Strong and powerful against bacteria. Leaving my gums sanitized and strong to regrow for a healthy mouth. My favorite toothpaste by far!

  19. Romie M – Machester UK

    I fancy this product. It works lovely. Highly recommended. Took care of my swollen gums. My gums look pink and beautiful.

  20. Chacon – Chichester UK

    Maximum GumRx is a Complete Oral Care treatment. It really help my Periodontal Disease and my Dentist is really happy with me. Bye bye pain.

  21. L Eaton – Columbia SC

    I spend a lot of time hearing about gingivitis but never thought I will have to deal with it. When my dentist told me that I had gingivitis I started researching information. I do not want to escalate to periodontal disease, tooth loss or any other health conditions. I decided to go with Maximum Gumrx because of the ingredients. They are all natural, no chemicals. 4 months later my dentist told me I have done a 360. Thank you for a quality product.

  22. D Martinez – El Paso TX

    This product leaves your mouth clean and sanitize without chemicals or artificial ingredients. Bleeding gums is not normal and this product made me feel normal again.

  23. Kathie G – Liverpool UK

    It is a strong product. It tingles but it does not burn like other products I used in the past. It works without the necessity of using alcohol, sugar or any chemicals. Love that my gums where puffy and red and after using this product my gums where back to normal. Highly recommended.

  24. W Robinson – Blackpool UK

    It completely helped in the regeneration of my gums. I give top marks to Maximum GumRX as I can open my mouth again without being embarrassed.

  25. P Strickland – Bristol UK

    Maximum GumRX is like an Oral Spa. Your mouth feels fresh, moist, refreshing and super clean.

  26. Yvette L – Essex UK

    Best Natural toothpaste ever made. Definitely will buy it again. #lovegumrx

  27. Trevor D – Claksburg WV

    Maximum GumRX has quality natural ingredients and the product arrived super fast.

  28. Lauren N – Highwood IL

    This toothpaste is Working fantastic. I started Maximum GumRX on a daily basis and is reducing gums packets. Recommended.

  29. L Floyd – Lancashire UK

    I used to get pockets in my gums and that cause a lot of pain and financial hurdle. I started using Maximum GumRX about two years ago on the recommendation of a friend. I love this product. No more pockets, no more pain.

  30. Mitchell W – Withington UK

    Maximum Gumrx is great! Taste Good and it works! Love to use it with the Breath Refresher Spray. Winning Combination.

  31. Anastacia O – Athens GA

    Refreshing and leaves my teeth super clean!

  32. Shelly F – Allentown PA

    To me is the most complete oral care product in the market

  33. Harvey D – Sydney, Australia

    I am glad that this all natural toothpaste is now available here. I first tried it on vacation in America and love it !

  34. April T – Nottingham UK

    I have a big problem with tooth pastes they make me gag. It was a problem until I found gumrx. Cleans and protects. My gums are healthier than ever and is gentle on my tooth enamel.

  35. MJ Fisherman – Ardmore OK

    My gums are receding and they hurt but thanks to Gumrx its getting better. I started noticing good changes from the first time I brush. Never using anything else.

  36. Chrissy M – London UK

    Maximum GumRX actually works. I been using it for 2 weeks and wow! what a difference

  37. Shana K – Flintshire UK

    Receding gums are a thing of the past thanks to GumRX Maximum , I am a living proof that it works.

  38. Gregory A – Edinburgh UK

    Maximum GumRX changed my world. Thank you

  39. Dorit H – Blackpool UK

    it is hard to believe that this toothpaste is saving a lot of money in dentist. after 9 months my dentist told me I am back to regular cleanings YEAH!!

  40. Raquel MT – Carlisle UK

    My dentist told me to keep it up! My mouth looked so good. Yes!

  41. Charles W – Derby UK

    Maximum GumRX is the Super Hero to my mouth.

  42. Garth T – Perth Scottland

    ❤simply love this product because it works period.

  43. Nikki T – Ripon UK

    thank you for having a quality product at a good price.

  44. Luis R – Wakefield UK

    Best product in the market. No doubt.

  45. Dora C – Mansfield PA

    GumRX products leave your teeth feeling like no other toothpaste super super clean

  46. Sheena P – Warrington UK

    This toothpaste works very quick, I noticed changes within a week of use. My gums do not hurt and are not sensitive.

  47. Johana D – Harrogate UK

    Max GumRx is all I expected and more.

  48. Alexander J – Glenrothes UK

    this is a great product. I am very happy my dentist recommended this all natural product.

  49. Hazel P – Edinburg UK

    GumRX is an assured product and that made me feel very good to try it and too my much surprise it worked like magic.

  50. Mindy M – Rainford UK

    Maximum GumRX is a hidden treasure for your mouth

  51. Anthony L – Tuscaloosa AL

    it makes my mouth extra clean and the feeling last a long time.

  52. Rossanna T – Goothland UK

    Liquid toothpaste took a couple of weeks to get use to it but I can definitely tell the difference

  53. Hilda F – Rapides Parish LA

    No comparison to any toothpaste Maximum is the best

  54. Sindbad R – Doncaster UK

    Maximum GumRX is the real deal I love this toothpaste

  55. Valentine Z – Stuart VA

    So not give up on your oral health. Try Advanced Gumrx and recover your mouth

  56. Prince C – Manville NJ

    Maximum Gumrx surpass my expectation. Will use this product for the rest of my life

  57. Teresa Z – Pine Bluff AR

    i was on a family vacation and forgot my toothpaste. my sister that was sharing my room told me use mine you will love it and to my surprise i do. The refreshing sensation lasted all day and it was wonderful because we were on the go all day in mexico eating and drinking

  58. Enith R

    can not wait to get home wash my teeth!

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