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100% Botanical Oils of Almond, Peppermint, Spearmint. 100% all Natural Product

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Original GumRX is to be used when gum disease, bleeding gums, dry mouth, bad breath, and halitosis may be present. Original GumRX is a toothpaste replacement, just two drops on your toothbrush instead of toothpaste can help in aiding gum disease. When you use this product you will notice that your mouth will produce more saliva. This is a good thing. Saliva helps to keep your mouth healthy, your gums strong, and your breath fresh. NOTE: If you have dry mouth or Halitosis you may be interested in using the Breath Refresher spray during the day. Keep product away from eyes.

54 reviews for Original GumRX

  1. Rob Hills

    Love it! The best part is that a little goes a long way.

  2. Sheryle W

    Awesome Toothpaste!

  3. Staci S

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! I have been using the product for only a week now and I see major results. My teeth look great, my gums look great. Everyone has said something about it. This is awesome!

  4. S Brown

    The Best way to freshen your breath and clean your teeth is with all natural products! This is low abrasive cleanser that safely takes cares of your gums and reduces plaque build up.

  5. Jack Murphy

    If you are concerned about using horrible chemicals in your mouth try GumRX. In less than a couple of weeks my gums are healed and healthier than ever with our any chemicals.

  6. Ada B

    I have purchased this toothpaste twice. Very happy about that of course. I am one of those people that brushes my teeth several times a day. This product hit the nail on the head and I am waking up in the morning without that “gunky” feeling in my mouth. Family members are starting to use as well. VERY happy with this toothpaste.

  7. Jackie Q

    I see a big difference in my mouth and teeth. Looooooove brushing with GumRX.

  8. Kelly P

    I been using this product for about 2 year three times a day what I like is that it is very effective killing bacteria and providing me and my wife with heathy teeth and gums. The best part is that are not mysterious ingredients. It is all natural ingredients I can pronounce.

  9. Diane B

    This product goes a long way. The instructions say it will last you approximately 3 months and I still have 1/3 of a bottle. I love the way my mouth feels

  10. JC Angel – Atlanta GA

    This amazing oil formula works using less product lasting longer and personally I have achieve better results with my residing gums than with the traditional toothpastes in the market and believe me I tried it all. Highly recommended.

  11. Jane Johnson – Lawton OK

    I suffer for receding gums and I am scared to loose my teeth as I get older. I started to use GumRX 9 months ago and to my surprise my dentist was really happy with the improvement. I am very happy with the results

  12. Isabella – Limerick Ireland

    By far my favorite toothpaste. Strong without chemicals or harsh ingredients. Impressed with how quickly works. Free shipping is a plus.

  13. S Collender – Topeka, Kansas

    Taste good. I feel my mouth and teeth supper clean. Never go without gumrx

  14. MM Briscoe – Bradford UK

    I really really like it! I know you will like it too! Highly recommended.

  15. Harry M – Challis ID

    Invigorating ! Great Flavor !

  16. Rachel L – Dublin IE

    This product is AMAZING. Love love love

  17. Ian L – Sheffield UK

    100% happy with this product.

  18. Agnes P – Glasgow, Scotland

    I had to write this. I just came from the dentist and guess what no plaque or tartar something I always had trouble with this. My dentist was so happy with me that he will order GumRX as he was very impressed with this product.

  19. Natalia O- Waterford, Ireland

    Highly recommend this toothpaste with people that have gum problems. Hands Down very good product.

  20. S Pathworth – London UK

    I packed a bottle when my son went to college. I didn’t think anything of it as my son never mention anything and on Thanksgiving when he came home with his new girlfriend I asked if he wants something special (I was thinking food) and he said “mom can you get me more of that toothpaste you packed? I love it”

  21. P Castro – Nashville TN

    Not all toothpastes are the same. GumRX uses essential oils and works amazingly. No side effects. No chemicals no poison in my system. Thank you GumRX for a healthy me.

  22. R Rayfield – Bethesda UK

    This product really makes a difference. GumRX saved my mouth and money. No more expensive trips to the dentist YEAHH!!

  23. P McDowell-Leicester UK

    My hygienist was very happy how my teeth were plaque free. This product is a miracle.

  24. Tracy Scott – San Francisco CA

    I like this product. It leaves my mouth super clean, healthy, last a long time. Amazing!

  25. Naty Kiger – Edinburgh UK

    I use original gumRX with the Breath Refresher Spray and OH MY Goodness!! It is such a wonderful product! Recommended 100%

  26. Fremia Z – Palo Alto CA

    Not only this product does not contains chemicals but no sugar and no alcohol. 2 Thumbs up!!

  27. R Yohanes- Wales UK

    I am health conscious and like to go the natural route until one day I discover everything in my house was the natural organic way except my toothpaste and I started researching the ingredients OMG!! What a surprise. It contains so many chemicals and some are associated with cancer. I started using GumRX from that day on and I love it. I know for a fact is all natural! 3 years using it and counting

  28. Jasmine R – Alberta Canada

    Very noticeable improvements in my gums. Totally will recommend.

  29. Randal Y – Roseau MN

    Great toothpaste for everyday use. It protects and prevents periodontal problems.

  30. Tania V

    Original Gumrx is the bomb. I love it. It super cleans

  31. Victor G – San Juan PR

    Try it you will not regret it!

  32. Charmaine D – Dover DE

    I will be the first one to admit this product really exceeded my expectations. Never using any other toothpaste again.

  33. L Wonders – Valdosta GA

    I am in my maintenance program after using Maximum GumRX for 6 months. This product really works

  34. Pedro Z – Mason City IA

    I found that gels and paste are not as effective as liquid or oil toothpaste. This is a fantastic brand with quality products. I started using this product five years ago as a free sample and I been using it since them.

  35. Carl B – Meridian MS

    I do not have the best oral care routines but this product makes it so easy.

  36. Pamela A – Liverpool UK

    pleasantly surprise minty, clean Awesome

  37. Jane Q – Leeds UK

    This product is fantastic for gum disease prevention

  38. Rose I – Hull UK

    Gumrx has a great taste and it works very good.

  39. Rick W -Great Britain UK


  40. H Worthington – Lincoln UK

    Good Good Good

  41. Olivia W – Hoover AL

    Last time i went to the dentist i had few loose tooth. My gums are growing and helping with my loose tooth. Big thumbs up to this product

  42. Evelyn L – St Albans UK

    I ordered Advanced GumRX and it came very quickly. Just brushed and it feels very good

  43. Nelly H – Allentown PA

    Fast shipping, Good package Fantastic product!

  44. Tara K – Clarksburg, WV

    I have receding gums and this product is worth every penny.

  45. Erica K – Doncaster UK

    I am head over heels with this toothpaste.

  46. Meredith Z – Malton UK

    My teeth feels strong and secure

  47. Margot H – Murphy NC

    GumRX is strong enough to kill bacteria and soft enough to be able to brush.

  48. Darcy H – Aberdeen UK

    I let GumRX help my gums and I do not regret it. Best toothpaste in the market

  49. Kike C – Jonesville LA

    Great flavor, it comes right to my door.

  50. Roberta A – Darlington UK

    I was so surprise this toothpaste actually works

  51. Eugene P – Many LA

    Having bad teeth was something that hunted me but no longer because gumrx

  52. Ian D – Hoover AL

    It last a long time. It is definitely a great product

  53. Jayden K – Brookings SD

    the king of the toothpastes

  54. Felix W – Southaven TN

    no chemicals all natural oil great way to clean and sanitize your mouth. my dentist was very happy with me.

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